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When you think of jobs that require little training, what comes to mind? What about babysitting?

A longstanding job option suitable for young adults and adults of all ages, it takes no time at all to become a babysitter.

It's one area of employment that doesn't require teens to be of a certain age because as long as they are willing and capable of watching children, they can.

how to become a babysitter

Babysitters play a vital role in communities of all sizes. They make it possible for parents to leave the house for work, appointments, and outings.

Becoming a certified babysitter requires a small financial and time investment but could lead to you landing more jobs in your neighborhood.

Learning how to become a babysitter requires research and a commitment on your behalf but opens the door to opportunities to make cash regularly.

Even if you're a babysitter with no experience, you'll find the information shared here valuable.

Learn All You Can About Babysitting

Babysitting is fast-paced and exciting. Children's needs change daily, which means that you'll be stepping into multiple roles while sitting for them.

To better understand what parents expect of you, it's essential that you have an accurate idea of the duties you'll fulfill with your new job.

Exploring how to become a babysitter can help familiarize you with the ins and outs of the profession.

You can take courses, read blogs, check out books, and watch videos on becoming a babysitter.

Each resource that you access provides you with valuable tips and advice that can help further your career.

You may also find it helpful to ask other babysitters about their experiences or join an online group full of childcare providers.

Job Description

babysitter jobs for teens

Every babysitting job differs in responsibilities. You may find that you use all of your skills at some of the assignments you take and a few skills at others.

Some of the duties that parents may ask you to do as a babysitter include:

  • Keeping children safe inside and outside the home.
  • Preparing snacks and meals.
  • Assisting with homework assignments.
  • Playing games and doing craft projects.
  • Bathing, changing and dressing small children.
  • Cleaning and preparing baby bottles.
  • Laundry and other light housework duties.
  • Enforcing family rules and bedtimes.
  • Providing transportation for the kids whenever necessary.

Playing the role of the adult in charge takes practice, especially when children aren't familiar with you initially.

You must stick to a routine so that the kids can adapt to your presence quickly.

The clients you work for may have other duties that they want you to fulfill, like feeding and watering pets, caring for houseplants, or laying out clothing for the next day to save parents time getting their children dressed.

Ideal Skills and Qualities to Have as a Babysitter

The best babysitters are flexible. They adapt to new environments and scenarios quickly. They possess the knowledge needed to diffuse tense situations involving children.

They are also exceptionally creative because they know how imaginative kids can be after learning how to become a babysitter.

If you want to be an excellent babysitter, you should have the following skills and qualities:

  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Licensed Driver
  • Quick Thinking
  • Organized
  • A Problem Solver
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Tidy

Keep in mind that people trust you with their most prized possessions—their children and their home.

You'll want to do everything you can to protect both. Brushing up on the skills that make you a great babysitter is ideal.

The more experience you gain caring for children, the better you'll become at doing it long-term.

What to Expect in Regards to Hours and Working Conditions

babysitter and little girl

The hours that a babysitter works vary depending on the needs of their clients. Some sitters work full-time with specific days of the week off.

Others work part-time or share their responsibilities with another babysitter. Some babysitters work on an as-needed basis, too.

They may sit for a family in the evening or during special events where no other adult can watch the children.

The working conditions for babysitters vary. They may watch children in the comfort of their own homes. Most likely, they'll babysit at the client's house.

It may be a combination of locations, too, so it doesn't hurt to ask the parent if they pay mileage when driving back and forth to their home or a secondary place such as an after school program or sports practice.

How Much to Expect to Earn as a Babysitter

According to Payscale.com, the average babysitter earns $11.37 an hour. On the low end, they make $8.05 an hour.

The top paid babysitters earn an average of $17.01 an hour. Salaried babysitters can earn far more than that.

They may also receive a benefits package, including free room and board, paid vacations, and a food allowance.

Some babysitters also get tips and bonuses, which add to the amount of money they earn from the jobs they accept.

The Future of Babysitting as a Career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, childcare workers are in demand but only slightly.

There is a projected growth of two percent from 2019 to 2029. When compared to other career fields, it's slower.

With the popularity of remote jobs, the number of babysitters needed throughout the country may dwindle more.

Parents that once worked outside the home are now available to watch their children instead of hiring someone else to do it for them.

Get Certified

babysitting license

The Red Cross is one of many organizations that certify babysitters. If you want to learn how to become a babysitter and get paid top wages, it's important to learn the certifying agency's requirements and fulfill them entirely.

That way, you'll have proof that you've undergone the training necessary to become a skilled and knowledgeable babysitter.

There are in-person classes and online courses that certify babysitters. It's up to you to determine if how to get your babysitting license works best for you.

You may find that some classes are free while others charge a nominal fee. Some babysitting jobs will pay for the certification for you as an employee.

Build Experience

Applying for and working babysitting jobs is the best way to acquire the experience needed to maintain your certification.

You'll get hands-on opportunities to perfect your skills. At the same time, you'll create a long list of references to use in the future.

When working with families, ask if you're able to include them on your resume and job applications when seeking future babysitting work. Most of the people you choose to work for will be more than happy to put in a good word for you.

Further Your Career

As a certified babysitter, you have the base knowledge needed to care for multiple children at once. The possibility of you opening or working for a daycare facility is excellent.

You could eventually own and operate a business or be one of the head providers because of your background, experience, and knowledge of caring for kids after having your first babysitter job for teens.

After you've learned how to get your babysitter license and worked as a babysitter for a while, you can apply to be an au pair or nanny for families worldwide.

Living with and working for a single-family can afford you the luxury of traveling to places you've never been to before today.

It can earn you an outstanding wage, provide you with your basic necessities, and allow you to scratch your travel itch at a slower pace, which is why you should learn how to become a babysitter right away.

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