30 Jobs That Hire 17 Year Olds in 2023 (Part-Time & Online) 

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Are you trying to save up extra money for college? Do you need a job to have more money to do things with your friends?

Has your son or daughter started searching for jobs, only to be disqualified because of their age?

In this article you will learn:

  • What kinds of jobs are 17 year olds getting?
  • What companies hire 17 year olds and work with school schedules?
  • Can I get a job that relates to my future career at 17?
  • Are there any special restrictions for jobs for 17 year olds?

Here are 30 great jobs that hire at 17 and what you can expect in terms of salary.

Camp Counselor

camp counselor

Working as a camp counselor isn't the same thing as being a baby sitter. While you will be watching children who are younger than you, you'll be more focused on leading group activities and maintaining a schedule.

Most camp counselors tend to lead groups of campers who are only a few years younger than them. This means that you will be doing a lot of activities that you find interesting.

Camp counselor positions are one of the top summer jobs for 17 year olds, but don't let that discourage you from applying all year round. Many schools and organizations offer day and after school camps outside of summer.

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate of a camp counselor is $9.48, but this can fluctuate a lot depending on the time of year and your location.

Bottom Line: if you are employed at a camp that runs all year long, you expect a yearly salary of about $16,000 to $27,000.


jobs that hire at 17

Do you love to talk to people? One of the jobs for 17 year olds near me that is usually hiring is a telemarketer.

Sales calls can be a bit complicated if you aren't used to them, but most telemarketing companies will train you and provide you with a script to read.

While most telemarketers work in call centers, you might be able to find a telemarketing company that allows you to work from home.

If you work from home, you will need to discuss your plans with your parents and get a dedicated landline. For many 17 year olds, it is easier to get started by working in a call center.

Telemarketing and sales jobs can vary greatly in terms of pay. According to Glassdoor, the salary range is between $19,000 and $34,000. 

Bottom Line: if you are making sales calls, you may be offered a bonus based on how many people you get to purchase your product or service.

Tech Support and Computer Repair

tech support and computer repair

Do you know a lot about solving computer or internet-related problems? Are you able to discuss technical problems and solutions in a way that anyone, even Grandma or Grandpa, can understand? Then tech support might be for you!

Some of the daily tasks of tech support professionals include connecting devices to the internet, removing programs from a computer, setting up email accounts, removing viruses, or installing security software.

When it comes to looking for part time jobs for 17 year olds, try looking for a call center or retail location that will train you. 

Larger call centers often offer several weeks of paid training before you start helping customers directly.

One of the best benefits to working in tech support is the pay. Entry level tech support can start between $13 and $20 an hour according to Indeed.

If you are planning on staying in the area and going to college for a technical degree, the company that hires you may offer tuition reimbursement.

House Cleaning

jobs hiring 17 years olds

There are two kinds of cleaning jobs that hire at 17: cleaning hotel rooms and cleaning private homes. It can be easy to start earning extra cash in your free time by offering to clean for neighbors or family.

If you are looking for something a little more professional, start applying for work at hotels or resorts in your area.

Cleaners do a wide range of household chores, including making beds, vacuuming floors, doing dishes or dusting.

A housekeeping crew at a hotel will do many of these chores, but they must do them quickly and will make up several rooms each shift.

Bottom Line: the average pay for a housekeeper is $11 per hour. If you choose to work independently, you can charge on a per house basis.

Tour Guide

summer jobs for 17 year olds

If you live in a bigger town or city, you can make extra money by showing people around. While you shouldn't work as a private tour guide just yet, you can lead larger groups of people and talk about historic landmarks in your town.

Tour guides will know a lot about historic sites and what makes them important. As a tour guide, you will need to be able to answer questions about building architecture, legends, and historic facts.

The people who thrive in these roles are very customer service oriented and are passionate about their city.

Because tour guides are a specialized position, the average salary is $32,000. Keep in mind that tour guides for private companies are also included in this average.

Bottom Line: if you are looking for jobs hiring 17 year olds with no experience, try talking to local tour companies or museums that offer paid training.

Ride Attendant

Ride Attendant

There are several amusement parks that offer full time jobs for 17 year olds. Companies with multiple locations, such as Six Flags, frequently hire minors to assist with parking or games.

Because ride attendants require special safety training, minors will often work alongside older employees.

Local fairs and carnivals may also offer you work during the summer, but it will be infrequent. 

This can be good if you still need to focus on your education or extracurricular activities and don't want to be tied down with a full time job just yet.

Job duties usually include keeping the ride area clean, taking tickets, and operating the ride.

Bottom Line: the average ride attendant gets paid minimum wage. The average base pay of a full time ride attendant is $9 an hour.

Retail Cashier

retail casher

Retail is known for hiring 17 year olds with no experience and being flexible with student schedules. Your job will consist of helping customers, stocking shelves, and working the cash register.

There are a lot of different stores that hire teenagers. Try to think about what kinds of stores you like to shop at and apply there first.

You will have plenty of options available, so you don't have to pick a retail location you know little about or don't care for.

Many retail clerks and cashiers start out making minimum wage. 

The average salary of a full time worker is $17,804, but keep in mind that if you choose to stay with the company after high school, you may be able to get a better paying position.


jobs for 17 year olds near me

If you are looking for jobs for 17 year olds that pay well, look no further than a serving position.

Waiters and waitresses often make a lower starting wage, but collect tips. These tips can add up, even if you are only working a few days per week.

Much like retail, you will find a lot of options available, so you can pick a restaurant that you enjoy. Your job duties will include taking orders, communicating with kitchen staff, and processing payments.

Because servers receive tips, minimum wage laws are different. The average pay of a server is between $2 and $12 depending on the area according to PayScale, but this doesn't include daily tips.


part time jobs for 17 year olds

Movie theaters can be great places for teenagers to work. Not only will you be able to see the latest Hollywood releases, you'll be able to make a little extra money. 

Because movie theaters are often very busy, they usually have open jobs for 17 year olds.

Ushers do a lot of cleaning, taking tickets and crowd control, but they are also expected to do a lot of odd jobs to keep the theater running smoothly.

Ushers may be cross-trained as cashiers, customer service agents, or concession stand workers.

The average base pay of an usher is $21,452. Don't feel limited to movie theaters when applying for usher jobs. There are many jobs hiring 17 year olds at playhouses, stadiums, and concert halls.

Odd Jobs

odd jobs

While you do need to be 18 to get on most apps that connect people to odd jobs, such as Task Rabbit, that shouldn't discourage you from doing them.

Talk to friends and family about doing the chores they don't want to do in exchange for a little cash on a per project basis.

When you start offering to do odd jobs, you might end up buying groceries, assembling furniture, watching someone's pets, helping a family move or cleaning the house.

The best part is, you don't have to take every job that is offered to you. With odd jobs, you can identify what things you are good at and play to your strengths. You can even set your own rates!

Bottom Line: unlike other jobs for 17 year olds, you may need your parent's help to get started doing odd jobs for people you don't know. 

Ask them about how to safely advertise your odd jobs online or at local businesses.



If you can push a lawnmower and be trusted not to cut your fingers off with a hedge trimmer, you can work in landscaping.

If you have equipment available and reliable transportation you can go into business for yourself moving lawns in your area.

If you need more management structure, and want to learn from professionals, you can apply to a landscaping company instead.

Many of them hire teenagers, especially in the summer when they are available for weekday shifts.

There may be laws in your area about what kinds of equipment a 17-year-old can handle on a job. Be sure to look that up before applying for jobs.

Bottom Line: entry-level landscapers make, on average, $11 per hour. If you work for yourself, you can charge the same or higher and keep all of the money paid.

Fast Food Crew Member

fast food crew

Burgers and fries don't serve themselves. In order to stay in business, fast food restaurants need workers to cook the food, take orders, and clean up after customers.

They often hire teenagers and young adults who need to work on a part time basis to accommodate school schedules.

They will often provide management training to those teens that work with them for a long time and prove themselves reliable, dedicated, and loyal.

Many people list working in fast food as their first job, as they are known more for hiring teenagers than other industries.

Bottom Line: the average yearly salary for a fast food crew member is $15,000 to $19,500 a year. This may be higher if you live in a city or state with a higher minimum wage than federally mandated.

Movie Theater Crew

movie theater crew

Like fast food restaurants, movie theaters often hire teenagers and young adults to work on their crews. Jobs at a theater can include ticket takers, ticket sellers, ushers, and snack bar workers.

Older theaters may still need projectionists to start and stop movies on time, though with the advances in technology that may not be as necessary as it once was.

Many teens working on a theater crew will rotate positions throughout their tenure, which means you can learn about a multitude of jobs and responsibilities all while working in one place.

Bottom Line: theaters such as AMC pay between $8 and $12 an hour. On average theater crew members make around $9 and hour, or about $18,000 a year.

Hotel Housekeeper

hotel housekeeper

Busy hotels will always need people that are willing to work hard and clean up after visitors.

Though some cities and states may have laws against teenagers working in the hospitality industry, others have no such issues.

There it is a matter of whether or not a hotel is comfortable hiring 17-year-olds or not. Housekeeping requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time.

You must also be trust-worthy, as the hotel does not want to hire anyone immature enough to call out of shifts on a regular basis, or anyone that steals from the hotel visitors.

While most hotels don't pay more than minimum wage to their cleaning staff, some allow for tipping of the housekeepers, so there is a chance for extra money.

Bottom Line: hotel Housekeepers make around $11 an hour. If you work full time or get overtime hours you can make more. Overtime may be a regularly offered thing at a really busy hotel.



Taking on the mantle of nanny is relatively easy if you have a background in babysitting.

Instead of watching children once in a while when the parents have a need for help, you'll be expected to watch them on a set schedule every week.

This may be after school five days a week, or every morning before school.

Though many people will at least consider teenagers as nannies for their children, they will expect a certain level of maturity and reliability.

They'll most likely require that you have a car so that you can take the kids to and from school, out to the park, or to appointments when they have them.

Some areas also require nannies to be licensed, so be sure to check into that before you answer an ad for one.

Bottom Line: nannies can make anywhere from minimum wage to $25 an hour. The rate will depend on the agreement you reach with your employer.

Dog Walker

dog walker

If you love animals this could be a great job for you. While experience with dogs is usually required, a long background in animal care isn't always necessary for employers to hire a dog walker.

Teenagers can usually do this job around their school schedule with little trouble. Clients often want their dogs walked early in the morning (before school) and later in the afternoon (after school).

You can either start your own dog-walking business and advertise online or on community boards about your service, or join a dog-walking organization.

You will need reliable transportation or another way to get to your clients' homes.

Clients may worry that a teenager may not be someone they can rely on to show up every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to take care of their dogs. It will be up to you to show them you can be trusted.

Bottom Line: dog walkers can earn around $1,250 per month, depending on how many dogs they are walking, the rate they agree to per dog, and how many days a week they walk the dogs.

Bakery Assistant

bakery assistant

It can take years to become a great baker, but it can only take a few weeks or months to become a great bakery assistant. Grocery stores often hire teenagers to work as cashiers, stockers, and associates.

They also will hire teens in areas such as their bakeries. While you may not get to design birthday cakes on your first day, you will be trained in multiple responsibilities, such as helping customers, restocking baked goods, changing signage, and handling merchandising tables.

Independent bakeries will also hire teens to ring up customers, perform janitorial duties, and wash dishes.

There may be laws in your area that prohibit you from offering some heavy equipment in the bakery kitchen. Be sure to look into this before applying for an assistant position.

Bottom Line: the average pay per hour for Bakery Assistants is $11.48. This means if you work part time (20 hours a week) you can make almost $12,000 in a year.



Like fast food restaurants, many coffee houses and coffee stands hire teenagers on a regular basis.

As their busiest times are often in the morning when customers are on their way to work, you can usually create a part time work schedule around your school schedule.

Though it may seem complicated, being a barista is not actually the most difficult job in the world.

Most places have guides that you can use as you learn how to make coffee and other drinks

You can also be placed at the cash register, in a drive-thru window, or on the floor cleaning up after customers.

Bottom Line: baristas can make up to $23,660 a year if they work for a reputable coffee shop that pays them a good hourly rate. Some coffee shops also let their baristas be tipped by customers, so their baristas may make a bit more.

Delivery Driver

delivery driver

This one is a bit of a long shot. While many places do not allow delivery drivers 16 or under, even in the areas where 17-year-olds can be hired to drive for work they can't always find companies willing to take a chance on them.

Insurance is usually higher for teen drivers and many businesses don't want to pay the extra expense. Some areas, however, will allow for drivers under the age of 18.

You thoroughly read any job postings for delivery drivers to make sure you meet their age requirements.

If they don't specifically state them, you can apply and see what happens, or contact for more information first.

Bottom Line: depending on what kind of business you are driving for, you may make over $16 an hour as a Delivery Driver. If you work as a pizza driver or similar you could make more with tips.



Restaurants are great for giving teenagers a chance to get work experience. One position that they will often trust to younger people is that of host or hostess.

This is the person that greets customers at the door and determines how many are in their party and where they'd like to sit.

Often they are the person who shows them to their table when it becomes available.

While you may not get tips serving as a host or hostess, you may make more per hour than they do, or you may work in a restaurant where tips are split between waitstaff, hosts, and bussers at the end of the day.

Bottom Line: a Host/Hostess is usually paid minimum wage, so the average per hour (from $7.25 to $12) depends on where they are located. They can receive tips at restaurants where tips are divided amongst the staff each day.

Front Desk Associate

front desk associate

While a teenager may not find employment as a receptionist or office manager for a busy office or hotel where a certain amount of experience and age is necessary at the front desk, there are other businesses you can apply to if you want to serve as a front desk associate.

Local gyms, community centers, and day care centers often will hire teenagers to cover their front office areas.

They will be required to greet customers/clients, answer phones, and do light paperwork.

Bottom Line: the average salary for a Front Desk Associate is $25,334 a year. This is for someone that works full time, as opposed to a part time employee. 

Sales Associate

sales associate

Cashiers are not the only job available at retail stores. Someone needs to be on the floor helping out customers who are looking for items in the store.

Sales associates may be required to talk to every customer in the store, at least briefly.

Or they may be asked to wait until a customer needs them before approaching.

While not all teenagers may be comfortable dealing with strangers on a regular basis, many of whom are impatient about finding a product, working as a sales associate can be a great way to learn more confidence.

Bottom Line: sales associates usually make at least $9 an hour to start. Many stores will give regular raises based on experience, loyalty, and reliability.



Yet another job in a restaurant environment that is often filled with teenagers and young adults.

Bussers are the ones that clean up tables after customers have finished their meals and left the restaurant.

They may also be asked to go around while customers are still seated and take away empty dishes that are no longer being used.

Bussers usually make minimum wage, but they may receive tips from appreciative customers, or because the restaurant has tips split at the end of the day.

Some cities and states do not allow 17-year-olds to work past a certain time at night, so it's important if you look for a job as a busser that you find out what you are legally allowed to do, and figure out a schedule with the restaurant around that.

Bottom Line: if you work as a Busser you will probably make minimum wage, which could be between $7.25 and $12 (depending on where you live). You could also get tips on a regular basis if you work for a restaurant that splits them among the employees each day. 

Seasonal Associate

seasonal associate

Many retail outlets as well as entertainment venues and restaurants will hire extra staff during the busy holiday seasons or during the summer.

While they may be strict about how old they require employees to be on a regular basis, they may relax these rules to allow for workers under the age of 18 at this time.

Seasonal associates may work as:

  • cashiers,
  • janitors,
  • event staff,
  • wait staff,
  • or even in housekeeping.

If you can't work during the school year because of other activities you participate in, you should consider looking into winter break and summer break seasonal jobs instead.

Bottom Line: depending on what kind of business you are working for, you could receive minimum wage or twice as much an hour ($7.25 to $14.50). Keep in mind that you won't have the job as long as you would a regular position, so even at a higher hourly rate you won't make as much as you would working a year somewhere else.



Someone has to unpack boxes and put merchandise on shelves. While some stores plan this to happen overnight when the store is closed, others want to have it done during the day when customers are in the building.

This makes it difficult for regular sales associates to be responsible for, as they are already helping customers. Stores will hire stockers to fulfill these duties instead.

It is important to know what the laws in your area are regarding teenagers and lifting excess weight or using machinery to move large boxes and things.

Many places will need you to be 18 or older to work with heavy equipment. That doesn't mean you can't unpack boxes and put items on shelves, however.

Bottom Line: stockers make around $10 per hour on average. Some companies also offer bonuses to stockers that can get items onto the shelves quickly and in good condition.

Kennel Assistant

kennel assistant

Do you love animals? Do you have no fear of getting dirty? If you answered yes to both of those, being a kennel assistant (or kennel worker) may be the job for you.

Many animal shelters, veterinary offices, and doggie daycares will hire teenagers to help take care of cleaning and preparing their kennels.

This means you may need to hose them down once or twice a day for feces and food products, as well as clean bedding and toys.

It may also mean that you'll have to take dogs inhabiting the kennels for walks and provide them with enrichment so they don't become despondent and possibly destructive. 

Bottom Line: the average salary for a Kennel Assistant is around $10 an hour. If you work part time (at 20 hours a week) all year long you can make over $10,000 a year in this position.



Industrial dishwashing machines can be very large and very powerful. Some areas will require that people working with them be 18 or even 21 and older to use them.

That does not mean that all restaurants will require that of their dishwashing staff. They may not have an industrial dishwasher in the building, and instead require all of their plates, glasses, and silverware be washed by hand.

They may also have a smaller dishwashing appliance, or a crew of dishwashers with different duties.

While you may not be able to run the dishwashing machine in this case, you could be in charge of rinsing and scrubbing dishes instead.

Bottom Line: dishwashers make around $23,000 a year. At some restaurants they make quite a bit less (around $19,000 a year) while at others they can receive up to $34,000 in a year.



While the biggest demand for lifeguards tends to be in the summer, there are plenty of indoor pools around to make this a possible year-round job.

In many places it is not your age that will keep you from being a lifeguard. Instead it will be your lack of certification and athletic ability.

A lifeguard needs to be able to perform first aid and CPR, as well as rescue people from drowning situations.

They need to be certified and they need to be in good enough shape that they can pull a child or adult from a pool.

Some community pools as well as gym pools will provide training for their lifeguards.

Others ask that lifeguard applicants have the training needed before they submit their application.

Bottom Line: on average Lifeguards make $10 an hour. This may be higher if the pool you are working for allows tipping to lifeguards, and if they require certain experience and certification.

Play Area Monitor

play area monitor

Many gyms, malls, and even grocery stores will have play areas where parents can drop off their children to keep them busy while they are working out or shopping.

Because these are not day care centers, they don't usually have the same standards for their employees.

They will hire teenagers to monitor the play areas, keep an eye on the kids, and clean up toys and other items. 

If you like children and have experience with baby-sitting this could be a good job for you.

Bottom Line: monitors for play areas often make $11 an hour. Some businesses may pay based on times the play area is busy vs when there are no children present, however.

Data Entry

data entry

Data entry is a relatively simple job. Most of the time you will spend your time inputting information from paper or printouts to a computerized system.

Some knowledge of spreadsheets may be required, but for the most part data entry jobs can be done by anyone who is careful, methodical, and focused.

This includes teenagers. If the information to be entered is sensitive the company may require that employees be 18 or 21 and older. But usually they'll still hire teenagers for the less sensitive material.

Bottom Line: data Entry clerks that work from home usually make around $10 an hour. Those that work out of offices make slightly more, with an average rate of $13 an hour.

What Companies Hire 17 Year Olds?

Now that you have a list of what kind of jobs to look for, here are a few companies you can apply at now.

  • PetSmart – help people find pet supplies or a new friend as a cashier, stocker, or customer service representative.
  • Wawa – work as a cashier, a barista, or behind the food counter of this gas station.
  • GAP – show off your love for fashion as a cashier or customer service representative.
  • Caribou Coffee - serve up tasty craft beverage as a barista.
  • Krystal – prepare orders for customers or work as a cashier at this fast-food location.
  • Bob Evans – work as a server, cook, or cashier at this popular family restaurant.
  • Wal Mart – clean the store, work as a cashier, a cart attendant, or stocking inventory at this large retail store.
  • Publix – help customers at the service counter, stock fresh food, or work as a cashier at this grocery store.
  • Taco Bell – prepare food and take orders at this fast-food chain.

What You Need to Know Before You Apply For a Job

Whether you are considering full or part time jobs for 17 year olds, it is important to remember that working as a minor is very different than working as an adult.

While you don't have as many restrictions as a 14 year old, there are still very strict child labor laws that you need to follow.

Here are some of the key things to remember:

  • Every state has different laws regarding how and when 17 year olds can work.
  • Most states prohibit 17 year olds from working past 10 p.m. or before 5 a.m.
  • Some states don't limit the amount of hours you can work, but you can't work more than six days per week.
  • Some states limit 17 year olds to no more than 10 hours of work per day.
  • There are no federal labor laws restricting how long 17 year olds can work, all restrictions are set by state laws.
  • FSLA prohibits work around some specialized machinery and jobs that require more training, such as roofing or working with metal.

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