30 Jobs That Hire 15 Year Olds in 2023 (Part-Time & Online) 

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Do you want extra money to spend on clothes, gifts, and video games? Are you saving to buy a car when you turn 16?

Are you frustrated because most employers only hire teens aged 16 and older?

In this article, you will learn:

  • Job ideas for teens under 16.
  • What is involved with each type of job.
  • Job salaries for each job.

There are a number of places that that hire at 15. Some of these places have weekend jobs for 15 year olds, others offer summer jobs for 15 year olds.

Still others offer part time jobs for 15 year olds year round. If you are wondering what jobs can you get at 15 you should keep reading!

Child Care

child care

Working with children or babysitting is one of the more popular jobs for 15 year olds. The wages for babysitters can vary depending on experience, age, and other factors.

Some babysitters take certification class and can charge a higher wage. Working at a job as a babysitter is good preparation for a future career as well.

Bottom Line: babysitting can give you valuable skills that you will use later if you get a job as a nurse, teacher, or caregiver.

Pet Care

pet care

The pet care industry also offers job openings for 15 year olds. Pet care providers will feed, walk, and care for animals in their homes while their owners are away on vacation or at work.

Bottom Line: pay for pet care providers varies depending on a variety of factors. However, the average wage of a provider is $13 to $18 an hour.

If you are interested in a future career as a veterinarian, pet groomer, or vet technician, you may want to consider this job.

People working in the pet care industry will need to be detail oriented, follow directions well, and have good communication skills.

Detailing Cars

detailing car

Another one of the popular jobs for 15 year olds is a car detailing business. Teens that work detailing cars will wash, vacuum, and polish cars.

Car detailers may perform other jobs upon request like washing the carpets in a vehicle. The best thing about this type of job is that you will get a lot of exercise while cleaning.

Teens that work in this field may be required to provide their own supplies such as a bucket, cleaning rags, a shop vac, and other cleaning supplies.

In order to find out what you should charge for your services, you should check the prices at your local car dealer or car wash.

If you want to work in this field, you should be able to work quickly and follow precise directions. You should also have good communication skills.

Personal Assistant

personal assistant

In some areas, personal assistants are in high demand. A personal assistant might run errands, help with household chores, mow lawns, weed gardens, or even file paperwork.

Many personal assistants find job opportunities helping elderly neighbors or new parents. Prices for personal assistants can be as high as $15 an hour depending upon the task.

If you want to work in the personal care field, you should enjoy working with people, have good manners, and have a friendly personality.

By working as a personal assistant, you will gain skills that you could use later in an office administration career.

Cleaning Person

cleaning person

Jobs that hire at 15 also include cleaning jobs. Many young people start cleaning the home of an elderly neighbor or family member.

If you decide to start a cleaning job, you can expect to vacuum floors, dust, do the laundry, or clean windows. You may be asked to organize closets or other spaces.

Bottom Line: a cleaning person can earn about $25 an hour or more. Some cleaning professionals earn a flat wage per job such as cleaning an entire house.

Cleaning people that do an exceptional job may earn you more cleaning jobs as you are recommended by customers to their friends.

In order to be successful in this field, you should be able to work quickly and thoroughly. You will also need good communication skills and be able to follow directions.

Farm Worker

farm worker

If you are looking for places that hire at 15 or even 14, you may want to stop by a farm and ask if there are any job openings. In many places, farmers can hire teens as young as 14.

If you work on a farm, you may care for livestock, fix fences, pick produce or work at a roadside stand. The tasks you will perform will vary depending on the type of farm where you work.

Farmers work from dawn until dusk. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to earn money after school or even before school or on the weekends.

Busy season for most farmers is during the summer when most schools are closed. This means that farm workers will have plenty of opportunities to make some extra money.

Farms jobs are great summer jobs for 15 year olds. If you enjoy being outside, are physically fit, and can follow directions, you will do well as a farm worker.


golf caddy

If you love golf, this is the job for you! Caddying is one of the jobs that hire at 15 as well as younger teens.

A golf caddy typically carries the club bags for members of a golf club or country club while they play the holes at a golf course.

A good caddy can make around $20 an hour plus tips. In general, it takes about four hours to finish a golf course.

This means that a day of caddying can earn an enterprising teen around $100 counting caddying tips.

Caddies should be physically fit, able to lift between 30 to 50 pounds with ease. A good caddy will be friendly and courteous.

Newspaper Delivery Person

newspaper delivery person

If you like to get up early in the morning and want to earn money before you start school, you might enjoy being a newspaper delivery person.

This is one of the jobs that hire at 15 and younger. Delivery people make a certain amount per paper delivered. The larger the paper route, the more time it will take to deliver the papers.

However, you will also earn more money on a larger paper route. In addition, newspaper delivery people often earn tips and bonuses.

Newspaper delivery people often ride bikes or walk long distances in order to deliver their papers. In addition, delivery people must still deliver papers even if there is snow on the ground or if it is raining.

Bottom Line: if you are dependable and would like a regular job where you can work independently, this is the job for you.

Life guarding


Do you like to swim? Are you physically fit? If so, you might like a job as a life guard. Before you can lifeguard, you will need to take training courses in order to be certified.

These courses are usually in first aid as well as life guarding skills. It may cost some money to take the courses.

However, many lifeguard places pay the cost of the certification courses. In addition, if you are hired and do a good job, you may be hired each summer year after year.


young tutor

If you have good grades in school, you might be able to work as a tutor. Tutors work in a variety of settings and have varied hours.

Some tutors work during the summer while others work after school to help students catch up with their school work.

Typically, tutors that are willing and able to tutor Math and English might earn more salary than other tutors.

In some cases, tutors help students improve test taking skills and also may help to prepare students for college testing. Tutoring is a good way for you to prepare for a career in education.

Hospitality Worker

hospitality worker

Hospitality workers may work in a kitchen or at a restaurant. In some instances, workers may help cater parties or serve guests at weddings or other large events.

In order to be a good hospitality worker, teens should have excellent manners and good communication skills. Teens should also be able to follow directions and enjoy customer service.

With a hospitality job, you can expect to take orders, answer questions, prepare food, or clean up after an event. A fast food worker may make about $7.50 an hour.

Teens that assist with catering events may make a higher salary and earn tips. Working as a hospitality worker is a good way to prepare for a career as a chef or party event planner.


clerks at work

Retail workers or clerks may work in places like a store, a mall, or a shop. Clerks answer questions about items in the store, assist customers with their purchases, and also work a cash register and bag items that have been purchased.

Clerks may also stock the shelves with product and organize store displays. On average, retail workers can expect to earn about $10 an hour. Some workers may earn more if bonuses, commission off sales and tips are counted.



Housekeeping is a good job for many young teens. In some areas, housekeepers may be known as janitors.

On the job, housekeepers or janitors may be asked to clean businesses or other places like stores, schools, and hotels.

In order to be successful at housekeeping, you will need to be physically fit and able to work quickly and thoroughly. Housekeeping staff often earn about $10 an hour.



Landscaping is one of the jobs hiring 15 year olds. If you like being outdoors and are physically fit, this might be good opportunity for you.

Landscapers help by mowing lawns, trimming shrubs, maintaining equipment, and planting trees. Landscapers typically earn a good wage, although the work can be seasonal in nature.

Staring a landscaping business can cost quite a bit of money, but helping with an already established business is a good way to earn money.

If you work as a landscaper, you may work for landscaping businesses, greenhouses, homeowners. In some cases, you may be hired to maintain the property around an apartment building.

Soccer Referee

soccer referee

If you enjoy spending time with younger kids and have great leadership qualities, you may want to consider picking up a job as a soccer referee.

Often, clubs and leagues will encourage those that have been through their program to apply for referee positions. Typically, a minimal requirement is familiarity with the sport.

A soccer referee will need to make sure that their schedule is open during game days. Soccer games are usually held during the summer and fall months.

Bottom Line: proper communication skills and game knowledge are essential and will ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on the field.

House Sitter

house sitter

The perfect job for a 15 year old is becoming a house sitter. Your neighbors might be on vacation or a family friend will be gone for the weekend.

House sitting means checking up on the house, light cleaning, and maybe watering the plants. 

House sitting requires that you go over to a friend or neighbor’s house while they are away. Make sure to follow any instructions left of you, as this may encourage the person you are house sitting for to tip you.

Always check with your parents before going over to anyone’s house, as they can meet with the people you are to be house sitting for and ensure your safety.

Kennel Assistant

kennel assistant

Another job that is great for a 15 year old looking for work is a kennel assistant, which is sometimes also referred to as a kennel attendant.

These workers are required to clean cages or dog runs that are on the property, as well as light office work.

As an added bonus, kennel assistants usually get to spend time with the animals and take them for walks or provide them with physical activity.

Kennel assistants are generally needed at animal boarding resorts and vet clinics. These jobs are very important to maintaining the cleanliness of a facility and ensuring proper pet health.

Bottom Line: while this job is primarily cleaning, you may also be required to assist guests, provide stimulation for the animals, and do light office work.

Concession Worker

concession worker

Another job you may be able to obtain when you are 15 years old is a concession stand worker.

Concession stand workers typically attend sporting events and work for the duration of the events. The busiest time for these workers is during halftime.

When working at a concession stand, you will need to make sure you are abiding by food and safety regulations.

These stands are sometimes located by stadiums, inside gymnasiums, or by baseball fields. 

Bottom Line: this job, although temporary during game season, may provide you with necessary food handling experience to help you become eligible for other jobs down the road.

Camp Counselor

camp counselor

If you have attended camp recently and are at least 15 years old, you may be eligible to become a camp counselor.

While attending camp is not always a requirement, it is typically preferred. This is because the counselor in training will already be familiar with how the camp is run and require minimal training.

Camp counselors instruct campers on rules and lead fun activities, including games, hikes, and songs.

What makes a great camp counselor is a sense of leadership and a love of the outdoors.

Potential counselors may have to be prepared to go to the camp a week or two early for training before campers arrive.

Grocery Store Bagger

grocery store bagger

While a 15 year old may not be able to check out customers, they can still work at the grocery store.

Grocery store baggers often work alongside cashiers, helping them to maximize their proficiency.

These workers are considered customer service providers and help enhance the customer experience.

After the grocery store cashier scans the groceries, they will typically be sent down a counter.

At the end of this counter will be bags for the grocery store bagger. The groceries will then need to be bagged appropriately and placed in the customer’s cart

Dog Walker

dog walker

If you are looking for a job where you can get a workout and hang out with dogs, look no further. 

A dog walker typically stops by a person’s home and lets out their dog, providing it with exercise it would not normally get.

This is a beneficial service to those who work long hours and want their dog to be able to get proper exercise.

Spread the word about your dog walking business. Create a fun ad to hand out to family and friends, advertising your services.

Bottom Line: you may also be able to post your ad locally, such as at a restaurant or the post office, but you will also want to obtain prior permission.

Food Service

food service

A great job for a 15 year old is working in the foodservice industry. Many fast food places hire 15 year olds, but there are restrictions on what tasks you will be able to perform.

You will not be able to work the grill, but there are many other tasks you will be able to do to help the crew and be part of the team.

When working in fast food, you will be able to take orders at the front counter and hand the food to the customer.

The first window is typically where the money is taken from the customer and you will also be able to work that station. 

Bottom Line: you can also help your team members by assisting with restocking during lunch and dinner rushes.



Another job for a 15 year old is a busser. When you arrive at a restaurant and are placed at the table, that table will be clean.

After guests at a restaurant leave their table, that table will need to be cleaned for the next guests.

Servers do not typically clean off tables and that responsibility is left to the bussers.

Bussers come by after a guest leaves and clears off the table for the server. This allows the restaurant host to bring new guests for the server to the cleaned table



A restaurant goes through many dishes in a given day. These dishes need to be cleaned properly to ensure there is plenty of serveware for the guests that enter the restaurant.

Making sure dishes are cleaned properly is the responsibility of the restaurant dishwasher.

You may be thinking that you will have to wash all the dishes by hand. However, most restaurants actually have a machine that sterilizes and cleans dishes for you. 

Bottom Line: while this job tends to be easy, the responsibility of cleanliness is on your shoulders.

Restaurant Host

restaurant host

When you walk into a restaurant, typically the first person you come into contact with is the restaurant host.

This person has several responsibilities, including greeting all guests that enter the restaurant.

They may then check for reservations and lead the guests to their table.

While a restaurant host may not seem like an essential part of the wait staff at first, they actually play an integral part.

Besides informing guests of any specials on the menu, restaurant hosts must check where to seat the guests. This helps to prevent the restaurant serving staff from becoming overloaded with tables.

Theater Usher

theater usher

One of the best jobs for a 15 year old is a theater usher. A theater usher can have various responsibilities, depending on management.

However, most theater ushers provide customer service duties and ensure the safety of guests by following certain procedures

Your job responsibilities may entail taking tickets from the guest and pointing them in the direction of where their movie will be shown.

You may also be required to check on the theater before, during, and after the movie.

Typically, you will be given a checklist to complete each day or night you are scheduled to work when it comes to protocol.

Field Marketer

field marketer

Businesses sometimes need help to advertise their sales and promotions when they want to target new audiences.

This could involve holding a sign outside their store, putting up posters, handing out flyers, or putting up new signs in their store. Businesses of all sizes use field marketers.

Field marketers are typically sought after when a business is going out of business and wants to advertise their closeout sales.

However, field marketers could be requested for other reasons. This position can sometimes involve standing outside, despite adverse weather conditions, so it is important to dress appropriately.

Crop Picker

crop picker

When harvest season approaches, a perfect job for 15 year olds becomes available. While there are various options when it comes to crop-picking jobs, one of the most common is called corn detasseling.

Corn detasseling takes place during the summer months and involves getting shuttled on a bus to a corn field.

For this job, you will need to be able to wake up early and will need to dress appropriately for the weather, as you will be outside.

Bottom Line: your goal is to remove tassels off of corn plants down certain rows. This will help aid in the process of cross-pollination.

Baseball Umpire

baseball umpire

A perfect job for a 15 year old that loves baseball is a baseball umpire. Often, different teams, clubs, and leagues will be on the lookout for an umpire.

If you are thinking about this job, you should be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge on baseball.

Many clubs and travelling teams require the use of an umpire at each of their games. 

Bottom Line: baseball games typically take place in either the fall or the spring. Watch out around this time for job postings or ask to speak with the coach.

Admission Host

admission host

Everyone loves attending special events or parties. However, sometimes in order to get into these events you will need to pay for a ticket.

Being stationed at the admission ticket stand and being an admission host is a great job for a 15 year old.

Private event venues or guest services counters often sell admission tickets. These tickets allow the guests into the event.

In order to be successful as an admission’s host, you should be able to handle cash properly.

What companies Hire 15 Year Olds?

Here is a list of companies that typically hire 15 year olds for retail work or other job categories:

  • Burger King- fast food restaurant. Teens will take orders, cook food, and perform maintenance and cleaning tasks.
  • Subway- fast food job where teens take orders, prepare food and ring up customer orders.
  • Carvel Ice Cream- employees make ice cream, take orders, ring up customer's purchases and clean the store.
  • Hershey Park- amusement park that hires young teens to work as ride operators and greeters.
  • Sonic- take orders and serve customers at the drive in.

Before You Apply

Employers must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act or the FLSA. This act sets certain guidelines for working conditions. It also defines the hours that teens may work.

In addition, the act further specifies what types of jobs teens may work. For example, teens under a certain age may not work in certain types of manufacturing environments.

In addition to the Fair Labor Standards Act which is a federal act and applies to each and every state in the United States, each state may also have additional teen labor laws.

These state laws may set additional standards for minimum wages or set other conditions for teen employment.

In some areas, local communities have also passed child labor laws. Before applying for any job, you should research the federal, state, and local laws that apply in your community and comply with them.

  • Teens can only work three hours a day on a school day.
  • Teens can only work up to 18 hours a week during a school week.
  • During the summer or school vacations, teens can work up to eight hours a day.
  • During the summer or school vacations, teens can work up to 40 hours a week.
  • During the months of September to June, when school is in session, teens can only work during certain hours.

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