The great 10 Jobs for Dancers in 2023 

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Regardless of whether you're looking for a part time job or something that's full-time, there are many jobs for dancers available.

Some of them are directly related, while others are in a similar field. We're going to focus on those jobs that are more directly related to dancing.

Keep in mind, these are only a few suggestions and there are tons of jobs out there.

Not only have we included jobs that have minimal training, but we've also included ones that don't require a college degree or a lot of money to get started.

With that said, let's dive right in and take a deep look at 10 jobs for dancers.

Dance Therapist

dance therapist

Dance therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses dancing to increase confidence, motor skills, improve emotions.

This particular job is more geared towards those with graduate degrees because they'll be working in a professional setting and need to know a lot of targeted information.

Once you graduate from the program, it should only take a few months to get additional training and start working as a therapist.

The longest part is going to be finding an employer because this type of psychotherapy isn't as well known as other types.

Ballet Teacher

ballet teacher

Another job option for dancers is a ballet teacher. With this job, you'll want to make sure you have ballet training and understand everything that goes with it.

You'll be teaching a class of students that have multiple different experience levels.

If teaching a beginner's class, you'll want to make sure you're teaching them correctly and have a lot of patience while they learn.

On the other hand, a more advanced class is perfect for those that have extensive training and don't want to have to teach the basics.

Cruise Ship Dancer

cruise ship dancer

Dancers could also be a cruise ship dancer. Many cruise ships will have some kind of live dancing show, regardless of which cruise line they are with.

In addition to performing in front of an audience, this job can let you see the world and meet tons of new people.

You'll have to learn dance moves and possible lyrics, but it's the perfect option for those that want to perform without going straight to the big leagues.

Freelance Dance Teacher

freelance dance teacher

Many dancers have found a steady income stream with freelance teaching. The great thing about this particular job is that there are so many different areas to go into.

Not only can you teach the dance style you know best, but you can teach different levels of experience.

To find these jobs, you'll need to market and advertise yourself. There are many places where you can do this, including social media and job boards.

Freelance Choreographer

freelance choreographer

Similar to being a dance teacher, being a freelance choreographer can also give you a huge array of options.

You'll want to teach the style that you have the most experience with and choose which levels of experience you want to teach.

You can also choose to teach an entire class or only offer private classes. This will depend on what your wants or needs are, so don't feel less than because other teachers are teaching more than you are.

Production Dancer

production dancer

For those that want to be on Broadway or perform in front of hundreds of people, the perfect job is a production dancer.

If you go this route, you'll be performing live productions in front of an audience. This could be anything from doing musicals to interpretive dance.

There are also many different places that you can apply and some will give you more fame and payment than others.

It's important to send your portfolio to multiple companies to compare and see which is best for you.

Exercise Instructor

exercise instructor

There are many forms of exercise that focus on dancing and moving. If you're someone who has a passion for both dance and fitness, then this might be your dream job.

As long as you're a licensed exercise teacher, you can create your own program and decide what kind of dance moves you want to be included.

Like some of the other jobs on this list, you can choose your own rates and class sizes.

Personal Trainer

personal trainer

If you don't want to teach dance fitness to a whole class, you can become a personal trainer.

Not only does this allow you to instruct one-on-one, but you'll also be able to create programs that are targeted to each individual you work with.

You'll need to be licensed, but there are a few ways to get clients. These include advertising yourself online or on physical job boards, applying for a job at a business that's already established, or starting up your own business!

Talent Agent

talent agent

Since you'll probably have extensive knowledge of dance and have training in several different styles, a talent agent could be a good job for you.

By working closely with a company looking for talent, you'll know exactly what kind of dancers they want and you'll be able to show the potential client the dance moves.

This is a harder market to get into and you might find that there aren't many offerings in smaller cities or areas.

Theme Park Performer

theme park performer

The last option for dancers on this list is a theme park performer.

You'll need to dress up in the costume they provide and you'll have to stick to their dance moves, but this is a great way to break into the world of dance and get some real-world experience under your belt.

Keep in mind, some areas might only have theme parks that are open during certain months, so work might be slim.

On the other hand, working at a theme park that's open all year round will give you a stable income during every month of the year.

As you can see, there are some pretty good jobs for dancers out there. As stated above, it's important to remember that these are only suggestions and there's nothing that says you absolutely have to choose one of these.

As long as you find a job doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life!

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