10 Best Jobs For People With Autism in 2023 

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If you have been told that you are on the autism spectrum, one of the concerns you might have is about how hard it will be getting a job with autism.

You or your family and friends might be wondering if there are jobs for autistic adults. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of positions for you to consider.

Some of them do not require any formal training, and others you can gain the skills to do in two years or less.

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you are thinking about autism employment opportunities is to consider your likes, dislikes, and skills.

Keep in mind that these are good jobs for people with autism, but you will find many others doing them who are not on the spectrum.



If you are good with facts and you can put a creative sentence together, this field may be for you.

Little to no formal education is required for this position and you can work your way into a good career in this field.

Many people start out on websites that pay for individual articles and they learn and earn as they gain experience.

As you become more experienced, you should learn how to "pitch" story ideas to editors, bloggers, and publications.

Bottom Line: there are many free resources available at the library and online to learn grammar rules, and writing styles. This is a very open field of jobs for people with autism.

Assembly Line Work

assembly line work

If you crave a quiet and ordered environment with lots of repetition in motion and tasks, then work on an assembly line might be the perfect fit for you.

Often listed in jobs for people with autism are the manufacturing jobs. Especially if the environment is quiet or there is moderate noise.

If you like to build or rebuild things, consider this line of work as you might like a job with these features.



A willingness to train for about two years will get you the skill to operate in many different kinds of jobs. One of those is that of a drafter.

What you will be in charge of is making detailed schematics or blueprints from the sketching and specifics given to you by an architect or engineer.

Bottom Line: technical drawings are created when you use CAAD (computer-aided design and drafting) programs to show how circuit boards, highways, buildings, machines are built.



If defined processes, structure, and rules appeal to you, then consider the job of a paralegal.

They do research, make documents, participate in file organization, and do other tasks in support of lawyers.

This is another job where you would earn a two-year associate degree to get started as a paralegal.

You may also want to add further voluntary certifications depending on the law offices where you want to work.



If you are a person who enjoys working with your hands and you have good dexterity, then think about becoming a plumber.

This field is growing rapidly and expects to see a faster than average growth in the coming years. It involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of liquid and waste carrying piping systems.

You can either go to a trade school for about two years or enter into an apprenticeship program that lasts from 2-5 years.

This is one of the great jobs for autistic adults who are visual thinkers.



Do you know how to fluently speak and read two or more languages? Becoming a translator may be a very rewarding job for you.

It is possible to base your job of translating at home and on the computer. You would convert text or audio from one language to another, with the responsibility of maintaining the original meaning.

Bottom Line: it is not usually a requirement to get formal training, but some employers may view you more favorably if you get a voluntary certification.



There is a great deal of variety available in this field. You could capture images of wildlife, pets, people, landscapes, and buildings.

Some people with ASD really excel in this field. Formal training is not required, but technical knowledge of a digital camera system, lighting, and computer photo editing programs are very helpful.

You could gain these skills at a community college if you need training in one or more skillset.

The essential item you need to market yourself and earn money as a photographer is a strong portfolio. This is one of the really great job fields for people with autism.

Video Game Design

video game design

Be aware that this job field is very full of interested candidates. There is a lot of competition for a few jobs.

If you have exceptional artistic talent, technical skills, you are a great storyteller, and you know all there is to know about the world of video games, this field may be for you.

Your job prospects may be enhanced if you can score an internship as a part of your training.

Some community colleges offer affordable and interesting programs in video and computer programming.

Bottom Line: in fact, if video game design is too competitive a field for you, business and software design and programming fields need more candidates.

Animal-Related Careers (Examples: groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, veterinary technician)

animal related careers

There are jobs for people with autism that prefer to work more with animals rather than people.

For some jobs, such as pet sitter and groomer or dog walker, you only need a little training to get started.

Veterinary tech jobs often require training that can either be offered by the vet or at a community college as a certificate or two-year program



If you are good at visualizing how a machine is put together, and you like to take things apart and put them back together again, you might want to consider the job of a mechanic.

If cars are an interest of yours or you just like working on machines, you can become a certified mechanic in one year or less. Vocational schools and some high school diploma programs offer certification.

There are many kinds of jobs for people with autism. Finding employment for autistic adults may be a challenging journey, but it is not impossible.

You might want to check with the career assistance offices in your area that offer help with jobs for people with disabilities.

They may know an autism employment agency or how to help someone who is getting a job with autism.

Don't be discouraged. If you need autism therapy to help you get ready for work, take advantage of the resources available and explore autism employment opportunities.

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