10 Best Jobs for Single Moms in 2023 (Online & Work at Home Jobs) 

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Balancing work and parenthood is perhaps one of the biggest challenges a mother will face in her lifetime.

If you are a mom struggling with which career path to take, this site will provide some insight into which jobs may be most fitting for you.

What you will find here are jobs for moms and jobs for single moms that can provide a significant income with minimal education or training.

If you choose to work at home, there are online jobs for stay at home moms and part time jobs for moms that can provide a significant income for you and your family.

If you prefer to work outside of the home, there are well-paying jobs for mums that can help you fulfill a personal passion without interfering too much on time with family.



As air is to breathing and water is to life, great food is to the recipients who can indulge in your delicious and appealing culinary feats.

As a Caterer, you will collaborate with families and businesses to discuss the preparation and execution of food, plus you and your team may also coordinate and plan the event that you will be catering.

All that is required to become a Caterer is licensing and compliance with your state’s laws. 

Bottom Line: depending on your goals as a personal caterer, your salary could be as high as $35,000 per year



From make-up to manicures to fancy hairstyles, both women and men love to feel and look great, so the demand for beauty services will always exist.

As a Cosmetologist, you analyze hair and scalp conditions, treat, groom, cut, trim, style, dye, and conduct other services to beautify and transform all hair types.

Cosmetologist jobs for single moms can ultimately lead to having a very satisfying career knowing that your clients are walking away with a smile.

Bottom Line: the time it takes to complete your training and start earning as much as $47,000 annually can be as little as eight months.



If you are a good writer, are persuasive, and can learn to strategically use keywords, SEO (search engine optimization), graphics, media, and compelling communication to appeal to your clients’ target audience, you may consider becoming a Copywriter.

Although copywriting does not require formal training, you could benefit from pursuing an online copywriting workshop or writing course that will help you develop the skills you need to excel in this career.

Bottom Line: as a Copywriter, you can earn from $38,000 to $102,000 depending on how many website clients you serve, their popularity status, and the extent of work involved.

Graphic Designer

graphic designer

If you have a creative flair, are detail-oriented, and enjoy designing attractive visual concepts, a job as a Graphic Designer may be right for you.

As a mom, this job allows you to work at home or online, where you may choose your hours.

As a Graphic Designer, you will pair compelling business ideas with thought-provoking graphics to create material that appeals to the eye of the consumer.

Bottom Line: you design websites and create posters, banners, flyers, brochures, magazines covers, and more. The demand for Graphic Designers is high and starts around $38,000 annually.



With social media and technology influencing the majority of our society, there is no wonder why careers in photography provide suitable jobs for moms.

Photographers capture rare moments of uniqueness and beauty and masterfully perfect that beauty using computer software.

Although no formal education is required, you could develop the skills necessary to help you perfect your newfound aesthetic career by enrolling in workshops and courses that will propel you into a professional photographer.

Bottom Line: photography work at home jobs for moms requires very little education but it generates a healthy income of around $80,000 annually



Having an eye for detail along with good punctuation and grammar skills could land you a well-paying job as a Proofreader, especially if you already possess skills related to writing.

If you would like to explore proofreading as a job choice, there are proofreading niches for work at home jobs for moms who want to work online.

Proofreading jobs for single moms offer you the power to choose your hours.

Bottom Line: the demand for proofreaders has increased, so when you find the perfect proofreading niche, you could earn as much as $76,000 per year.

Real Estate Agent/Appraiser

real estate agent

Incredible windows of opportunity to become a Real Estate Agent or Appraiser are open to moms who are seeking rewarding, high-paying careers for single moms in the real estate industry.

A real estate agent’s duties are to assists clients with the selling, buying, and leasing of property, whereas an Appraiser inspects, photographs, and prepares reports to verify and determine the value of a commercial or residential property.

Bottom Line: with as little as $300 and 4-6 of months of training in an accredited real estate school, you can become licensed and earn as much as $103,000 per year.



If you look out onto the streets, you will notice that every few cars that pass by will have a Lyft or Uber emblem on them.

This is because, in every state, rideshare is becoming the fastest-growing, cheapest, most convenient method of transportation in the nation.

Rideshare driving provides jobs for single moms who want to drive as little or as much as they’d like.

Bottom Line: all that is required is a clean driving record, background check, and a business license and you’re on the road to make as much as $2,200 to $2,500 monthly.



Transcribing jobs for single moms fall into a few categories, but the most popular are medical and legal transcriptionists where audio files are used to record and interpret information into hard copy form.

As a Transcriptionist, you would be required to possess good grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills, have the patience to listen repetitively to audio files, be able to think critically to interpret hard-to-understand audio and be able to type at a high-speed.

Bottom Line: as an entry-level Transcriptionist, you can make as much as $1,500 per month working only a few hours a day.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant is perhaps one of the most popular work at home jobs for moms in the administrative field.

As a Virtual Assistant, you could work for small companies managing office tasks or managing books and records or you could work as a business manager, write webpage content, or even travel for major agencies or companies.

Of course, administrative and organizational skills are the minimum requirements to become an entry-level Virtual Assistant, but if you venture out, you could quickly become the backbone of a major company making as much as a 3-figure income annually.

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