10 Best Jobs for Retired Teachers in 2023 (Ex Teachers) 

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Spending years as an educator can really be rewarding. Teaching a child how to read is one thing but feeling like you are babysitting twenty-five kids at a time is exhausting.

Seeking jobs for retired teachers can be challenging. Do you really know what you want to do after retirement?

You do not want to move into a second career choice that will require you to take a lot more college courses.

You want a career that is going to pay you the same amount of money that you were making before as a teacher. You do not want to make less money.

Public Speaker

public speaker

There are a couple second careers for retired teachers that you can apply for. Becoming a Public Speaker is a Perfect Job.

You are already used to speaking of large groups of people without being terrified. Different types of speaking such as seminars, presentations, or conducting group sales pitches tends to bring in a fair market value of pay.

Years of teaches gives you the training that you need to become a Public Speaker without any extra education.



Other careers after teaching may include becoming a Paralegal. Being a Paralegal will involve doing a lot of researching.

Teachers are fully trained in accessing informational resources. Having good researching skills will make you an asset to any law firm.

Working as a Paralegal requires you to have a very Professional appearance. You are also required to have a very Professional personality with others.

Your state of residence will require you to obtain a certification that will allow you to work as a Paralegal.

As far as any required education that may be needed, you have already completed all training.

All the years you were a teacher, plus the college degree that you already have is all you need to become a Paralegal.

Standardized Test Developer

test developer

If you are not really at the age to retire yet, the there are some alternative jobs for teachers that are still in the education field, but they are getting you out of the classroom.

A Standardized Test Developer is one of them. Put your expert knowledge to use. Every year school aged children are taking state required standardized tests.

Every year the tests change and there are several versions of the same test that need to be written.

This is so every student has a different variation of the test. This is so cheating cannot be involved. A job like this is looking for candidates with your college education.

HR Learning and Development Specialist

development specialist

Other alternative careers for teachers may be teaching adults instead of children. You may love to teach but the children may have you so burnt out that you need to get a little adult interaction in your career change.

Since you already have teaching skills, there are so many jobs for retired teachers.

You can become a training and development specialist for whichever company you choose to be a part of.

You will be teaching and training the staff members how to be successful at their jobs. 

Bottom Line: a HR Learning and Development Specialist starts out making around a $60,000 salary per year.

Online Tutoring

online tutoring

Other jobs for teachers could be considered side jobs for teachers. So, when a teacher goes out to get another job to work at as well as being a teacher it is called working a side job.

Side jobs are not usually very high dollar paying jobs. The perfect side job for a teacher is an online tutor or a regular tutor.

Being an online tutor is great because all you must do is sign onto your computer at home and help students in whatever subject they need help in so they can be successful in school.

You usually charge for regular tutoring sessions by the hour. It is totally up to you. Average hourly price for a tutor is fifty dollars to one hundred dollars per hour.

A tutoring session can be held at the student’s home, at the library, or at their school if the school is still open.

EdTech Content Developer

content developer

There are jobs for ex teachers that your teaching degree will help you get. As an EdTech Content Developer, you will be forming a technological platform that will help teacher and students to communication with each other.

There will also be a place for students to communicated with each other as well. It is great for mingling amongst each other, but it will also be a great place for students to be able to go group assignments together.

The student will be able to access textbooks and assignments. They will also be able to turn assignments in.

Bottom Line: it is very rewarding to be able to develop a platform that will benefit and help a student during their education.

Museum Curator and Archivist

museum curator

There are some teachers that have been teaching so long that they can not put in their minds a career they may enjoy or give them interest.

If you are in this boat, there are so many different alternatives to teaching. The teaching degree that you already have will serve as the education required for other types of careers.

The museum has perfect jobs for retired teachers. Especially history, science, or art teachers.

Bottom Line: you will be able to educate the customers that come into the museum. You will be a natural at it. A Museum Curator and Archivist are paid around $47,000 per year.

Community Class Instructor

community class instructor

There are several summer jobs for teachers. Being a community class instructor can much teaching very enjoying for you.

Even though you will still be in a classroom teaching but teaching something like a music or art class can be very fun. You can teach to adults only if you want to take the summer off teaching children.

If you enjoy baking cakes, you can choose to teach a class about baking cakes. You can charge each student that signs up for your class a certain amount per class.

A community class is a great way to big a community together to mingle and have fun. This is a great way to make new friends during the summer.

Personal Trainer

personal trainer

Jobs for ex teachers can be found when you are working out at the gym after a long hard day. Teacher are natural motivators and becoming a personal trainer takes a lot of motivation.

Since a teacher already knows about the sciences of the human body and how it works, then being a personal trainer is a perfect move for you.

As you get older in age, taking good care of your body is a necessity. It would be so much fun to be able to work on your diet while you are at work.

Bottom Line: you do have to have a personal training certification in order to be a personal trainer. This can be done in a very short period. You will bring home a yearly salary of $40,000.

Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Jobs for retired teachers are waiting to be filled. A freelance writer is great for a retired English teacher.

Freelance writing is great for someone this just wants to sit at home in front of the computer.

Writing can be a real good money maker if your English skills are top notch. It is a position that you can usually work as an independent contractor, so most writing jobs pay per job. Set your prices high. You can work as your own boss.

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