10 Best Jobs For People With Anxiety in 2023 

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Are you worried about being judged or criticized in social settings? Do you tend to over-analyze every situation?

A good job for you requires a peaceful work environment without much social interaction. Working at a job where you do not feel socially threatened may help improve your self-confidence.

You can get a starting position where you will get paid as you learn on the job.You can gain a certificate or degree down the road while you are working and earning money.

Some of these jobs for people with anxiety have the potential of very good pay after you have gotten experience and a minimum amount of formal training.

Veterinary Assistant

veterinary assistant

Working with animals is one of the great jobs for people with social anxiety.

If you feel comfortable with animals and enjoy helping them, you can start out as a veterinary assistant with only your high school diploma. The veterinarian will train you on the job. 

Bottom Line: a veterinary assistant feeds, exercises and bathes animals at the clinic or an animal hospital. You will also clean and disinfect cages, exam and operating rooms, and you may help in the office.

You can get further formal training to advance your career and your salary.

Dog Trainer

dog trainer

Other great animal jobs for people with social anxiety are dog trainers. If you like dogs and have a knack with them, consider becoming a dog trainer.

These are also great jobs for people with depression. You can get in the door by volunteering or getting a part-time job at an animal shelter, a veterinarian office or a pet store.

During that period you can figure out what type of specialty training you would like to pursue. There are several dog training programs available.

Bottom Line: depending on the course you take, you may complete a dog training program in a few weeks, six months or a year.



Do you enjoy working with numbers and have computer skills? Great jobs for people with anxiety can be found in bookkeeping or accounting.

Start out as a bookkeeper with only your high school or equivalent diploma. The business owner will train you in the software they use.

You will use accounting software to record and keep track of all the business's financial transactions

All businesses need someone to keep accurate records of their financial information. After about six months on the job, you will be proficient.

You can then enroll in evening classes, or get training online so you will be eligible for a higher paying bookkeeper or accountant job.

Massage Therapist

massage therapist

Careers for people with anxiety must be low key in a calm environment. If you enjoy helping people and have an interest in a therapeutic career, consider becoming a massage therapist. 

Bottom Line: the calming nature of a massage therapist job is great for controlling anxiety.

Before starting a massage job, you will need to enroll in a massage training program. There you will acquire the number of hours necessary to get a massage license in your state.

Massage training teaches you how to manipulate soft-tissue muscles that help people reduce stress, relieve pain, and help heal from injuries.

Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy technician

You can become a pharmacy technician by working with a pharmacist. You can get additional training and earn a certificate in a few months.

You will be working with a licensed pharmacist in a calm environment helping to process prescription orders. The work is clerical and organizational.

You will be filing, filling out paperwork, stocking shelves, packaging, preparing labels, etc. If you are interested in career advancement, take classes to become a technician and later a pharmacist.

Fitness Instructor

fitness intructor

Are you physically fit and familiar with workout equipment? Jobs for people with anxiety are available in the fitness field and may be perfect for you.

You will have some social interaction as you help gym clients learn how to use exercise equipment. Social interaction will be limited to communicating with the client about your fitness expertise.

Starting out as a fitness instructor is great for health enthusiasts who are beating anxiety. You can go on to take training in health-related fields such as nutrition or physical therapy for advanced jobs in the health and fitness field

Gardener or Landscaper


Some great jobs for teens with social anxiety are working in nature. If you are strong and enjoy being outside, get a job working for a landscaping company.

They are looking for hard workers in starting positions that do not require much social interaction or formal training.

You will be mowing lawns, trimming trees, planting shrubbery and flowers, helping install irrigation and pool systems and building retainer walls.

If you find you have a talent for landscape design, start taking some classes in the evenings. Earn a degree in landscape design, landscape horticulture or landscape architecture. You may even decide to pursue a degree in geology or botany.



Some of the most anxiety friendly jobs and jobs for people with depression focus on nature. Working with beautiful flowers is a great career if you have anxiety or depression.

Start out helping in an assistant position at a retail flower store. Learn all about floral design and plant care as you are working.

You can pursue getting a certificate from the American Institute of Floral Designers after you have gotten experience.

Bottom Line: if you enjoy this career and want a job where you can earn more money, got to school part-time and get a degree in floral design or floriculture.

Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Do you have a natural talent in art and graphic design? If so, go to Fiverr.com, and sign up to become a seller. Look for and apply for graphic design jobs.

You can use your creative skills, and work independently as you acquire experience. This is a growing field with lots of opportunities for advancement.

Graphic design schools offer certificates and degrees in all specialty areas. If you are dealing with anxiety and this type of work matches your abilities, you will really enjoy a career in this field.

Even if you later work in an office environment, most of your time will be spent alone except for meetings.

Computer Programming

computer programming

Are you obsessed with networking, computer language and software development? You can learn a lot on your own with online courses.

Apply your knowledge to your own at-home computer network. Apply for a job at a software company, and be able to demonstrate your language and coding expertise.

Software development companies offer great jobs for people with anxiety. Most of your time will be spent working alone on a computer and not with other people.

They are interested in finding resourceful, energetic and creative people.

You can also take coding and software development classes at a community college, a vocational school or online at Microsoft.

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