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Good jobs that pay weekly for people without a college degree or years of experience are out there. If you think that no jobs that pay well without experience exist, this list of jobs that pay weekly will change your mind.

This list of jobs also includes part-time gigs, jobs that pay under the table and jobs that require little to no experience

Man or woman, there are many good-paying jobs to choose from on this list that does not require years of experience or in college.

You may not find a job that pay under the table, but you can find some pretty awesome jobs. Furthermore, these positions ensure that you enjoy your career, something that many people cannot say.

It’s important that you have a job that pays the bills, allows you to live comfortably, and that makes you happy. Try out any of the jobs that pay weekly below for a position that meets these criteria and more.


what jobs pay weekly

Bartenders work late nights at bars, clubs, and at other establishments. The main job of the bartender is to serve drinks to customers, but she should also make the crowd smile with her pleasing personality.

Although no formal education is needed to work as a bartender, you do need to earn an ABC card that allows you to legally serve liquor to the general public. If you search for weekly jobs now hiring, bartending positions often come up first.

If you love the nightlife scene, meeting new people, and want to work in a fun, bustling environment, check out a career as a bartender. 

Bottom Line: it’s an awesome part-time or full-time jobs that get paid every week with an average salary of $43,000 per year.

Rideshare Driver

rideshare driver

Looking for weekly paying jobs hiring now? Rideshare drivers take passengers to their request destinations.

Drivers work round-the-clock part-time and full-time positions at companies like Uber and Lyft. Although the pay varies, many rideshare drivers earn more than $15 per hour.

You don’t need previous experience, but a vehicle and good driving record are both needed. This is also a position reserved for adults 18+.

If you enjoy meeting new people and driving, and you want jobs that pay weekly, this is a suitable position of interest. 

Bottom Line: many rideshare companies offer a sign-on bonus to attract new drivers, which could mean an extra $500 - $1000 in your pocket simply for signing on with the company.

Online Editor

jobs that pay 500 a week

This job doesn’t even require you to leave the house, but it is one of the jobs that pay weekly you are sure to love. Many people want at-home jobs and work as an online editor is readily available for those people.

No experience is needed, but you do need a good command of the English language and proficiency in error correction. If you do happen to have experience or certification, expect an even higher rate of pay.

This is a great part-time or full-time position. Or, work as an online editor on the weekends for extra cash. It’s easy to get started as an online editor if you have a computer and internet connection. 

Customer Service Agent

jobs that pay cash weekly

As a Customer Service Agent, your job is to provide customers with assistance in various types of transactions with the company, including questions, sales, returns, and even complaints.

This may be in person or via phone interaction, depending on the type of position. Customer Service Agent positions are available with a vast number of companies in many industries.

Many CSA positions require little to no experience, but it is helpful if you have experience working on a computer and working with multi-line phones.

The best agents oftentimes advance their careers with their companies. CSAs earn an average pay of $15/hr. It is one of the full or part time jobs that pay every week that you'll enjoy.

Security Guard

weekly paying jobs hiring

What jobs pay weekly? Security guard positions often require no experience since companies oftentimes train their new hires for the position and they offer weekly pay.

If you think that your job entails chasing off unruly teenagers at the mall, think again, as security guards oftentimes fill important positions and roles with organizations small and large. 

You may find yourself working at the local airport, at a nightclub, or even guarding a supermarket. Most security guard positions pay well above $15 per hour, offer hourly paychecks and benefits, and have a host of additional perks. 

For example, you feel rewarded when you go home at night when you’ve protected a business during the day.

Real Estate Agent

real estate agent

After a 60-hour training course, you’re ready to tackle the job of a real estate agent. It’s one that is highly rewarding, flexible, fun, and offers great pay.

Most real estate agents work on a commission basis, but this is not always the case. As a real estate agent, you’ll meet new people every single day and help them find new homes or sell their homes.

Part of your position allows you to help those people find their new homes and make dreams come true. When you go home at night, you feel rewarded. 

Certified Nursing Assistant

certified nursing assistant

For people with an interest in the medical field, a job as a CNA provides a foot-in-the-door opportunity to prepare you for bigger, better opportunities within the sector. Some people are satisfied with their CNA job and do not further their education, but the opportunity is there.

A CNA usually works in a nursing home, but positions in other medical settings are also available. A CNA earns an average of $15/hr.

Pay as he or she helps patients with daily living tasks. CNAs are required to earn a certification, which takes a matter of a few months. Look into CNA jobs if you need medical jobs hiring that pay weekly.

School Bus Driver

school bus driver

School bus drivers have some pretty nice work hours. A few hours in the morning, go home, work a few more hours in the afternoon and your day is done. Working as School bus driver isn't without its challenges, of course.

People who love children and have a lot of patience do well working as a bus driver. Kids are loud and sometimes unruly and driving under pressure is likely. 

Bottom Line: if you think that you have what it takes, bus drivers need no prior experience and earn an average salary of $17,998 to $39,903 per year. 

OTR Truck Driver

list of jobs that pay weekly

If you don’t mind spending time away from home, consider a job as an OTR truck driver. You’ll drive an 18-wheeler to destinations near and far in this position in exchange for free travel and great pay and benefits.

Many companies offer on the job training and no previous experience. A clean driving record is important, and you must be able to pass a background check to work at these jobs that pay cash weekly.

Bottom Line: specialized truck driving jobs pay more but require additional training. On average, an over the road truck driver earns about $28,888 - $70,770 per year.

Cable TV Installer

part time jobs that pay every week

If you’re searching for jobs that pay 500 a week, perhaps it's time to consider a new life working as a cable TV installer. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of heights if you want to work as a cable TV installer, nor should a little bit of dirt bothers you.

This is an entry-level position that offers on-the-job training. Each day offers something new and exciting for a cable installer. 

At the end of the week, a nice, hefty paycheck and plenty of experience in the field is yours. It's one of the best jobs that pay weekly for many people.

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