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Lately, there has been a surge of interest regarding people seeking work with national companies like Fedex and the tricky question often arises, does Fedex hire felons?

Herein, several points will be outlined to inform potential employees with a past record why it is worth seeking out opportunities with Fedex.

In 1971, the Fedex Corporation was founded under the original business name Federal Express and it is currently one of the largest and most essential delivery services in the United States.

is fedex felon friendly

Fedex has approximately 430,000 employees, ranging from warehouse workers to delivery drivers to managers and everything in between.

This being said, keep in mind that Fedex performs initial background checks on individuals applying for any one of their positions.

What happens after you apply for Fedex?

Based on confirmed reports from package handlers and other Fedex associates, Fedex will call you before they run a background check.

After they call you and set you up for an interview, they will send you an email formally requesting a background check.

If the results of your background check comes back clean or with a felony, you may or may not have the job depending on the severity of the charge as well as the perspective of the hiring manager. 

What does the background screening consist of?

According to information sourced from backgroundchecks.com, official screening varies based on the position you are applying for.

Every position calls for a criminal background check and Fedex focuses on the most recent five years.

That being said, they have hired felons but tend to be very hesitant if the felony conviction is recent.

If the conviction occurred more than five years ago, Fedex inclines toward overlooking this aspect of the candidate.

After Fedex interviews you and you pass your background check, they will proceed to call you with orientation information.

Because Fedex is such a vast company with countless opportunities, this will not be an overnight hire either.

Note: the company takes their time reviewing all of your information to ensure that everything is in order in accordance with their standards.

So make sure you include everything they need to know in your interview or application.

Does Fedex hire felons? 

for package handler

The nature of the felony or crime and whether it is a repeat offense comes into play. For example, too many DUI's will keep you from becoming a delivery driver.

Someone with history of theft is unlikely to land a job in a packaging warehouse.

Before Fedex's hiring mangers make any decisions, they must report any and all criminal convictions to upper management.

For package handler or loader at a Fedex warehouse, Fedex focuses heavily on criminal history.

If you're wanting a job as a delivery driver, expect Fedex to look even more thoroughly. So is Fedex felony friendly?

Is Fedex felon friendly?

Many people are asking not only whether Fedex hire felons, but if are they felon friendly?

Fedex looks very deeply into the people they plan on hiring. For example, if you have a past of being violence or theft, Fedex will likely not look into hiring you.

If you have a non-violent criminal record, Fedex will look into hiring you as a loader or a package handler.

Does Fedex drug test?

Fedex drug tests anyone wanting to be a delivery driver, manager, or operations associate, and to move up to higher management positions you may also retake a drug test.

According to some sources, Fedex drug tests every potential employee prior to the hiring process.

However, based on some reports, they do not drug test seasonal package handlers or loaders.

What should I look forward to after applying as a Package Handler or Loader?

Once you apply and go in for either your drug test or in-person interview, the mangers will look over your physical appearance to see if you are healthy, fit, and strong enough for the job.

Being a package handler requires picking up packages from 0.05-50 lbs and sometimes heavier. However this does not apply to every position at Fedex.

What should I look forward to after applying as a delivery driver for Fedex?

delivery driver fedex

After applying as a delivery driver you should expect to take part in an in-person interview as well as perform a drug test.

Fedex looks into your driving record to ensure safety and dependability of their drivers on the road. 

For example, if you have a history of running traffic lights, getting speeding tickets, DUI's, and other traffic violations, then they may determine that the position of delivery driver is not ideal for you.

Overall the main question is, does Fedex hire felons?

Fedex does hire felons, however it does depend on how severe the conviction is and whether or not it occurred in the past five years.

Fedex does not treat felons any differently when hired, but the science of first impressions is very real.

Do not leave out any information in your application or interview that would otherwise give you a higher chance of ultimately landing the position.

If you have had a problem with theft and violence or other serious charges that put the general public at risk, Fedex will not look further into hiring you for the time being, and this is primarily for the safety of their current employees.

If you have a problem with drug abuse which appears on your required drug test, Fedex will not hire you for the safety of you their employees as well.

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