10 Easy Jobs That Pay Daily in 2020 (Earn Money Fast)

With technology has come many great changes; cell phones and social media allow people to connect great distances and reach each other all over the world any day and at any time.

Technology has also made it possible for people to make money faster than ever without leaving the house in some cases with jobs that pay daily.

Yes, jobs really do exist that allow you to make money every day, all day, and get your money as soon as you are done working or sometime in that same day... and if you continue reading, you can view many of those jobs below and get started earning right now with jobs that pay the same day you work.


same day pay jobs

Fiverr is a company that has a website that allows users to earn money by doing fun and unique tasks of their choosing. There is really no limit to how much you can be paid on this website. You would decide what skills you have to offer others in return for money, such as writing, editing, video design, etc.

After deciding what you have to offer, you would set and price that is $5 or more, then wait for contact from people willing to pay for your special services.

Once someone does decide to make use of the services you have to offer, you are paid immediately. This falls perfectly under the category of get paid today jobs considering how many possibilities and opportunities there are for fast and immediate payment.


get paid today jobs

There is nothing like having many jobs that pay daily in your options for work, like this one! 1Q is a market research company that is a part of jobs that pay daily with a website that allows its users to receive money instantly for taking and completing surveys.

To be paid on this website, all you have to do is answer questions. It is even possible to answer questions by texting the responses on your mobile phone.

The survey questions on this website are usually short and you will be paid for every question you answer. 

Bottom Line: after successfully answering each question, you can be paid instantly.


slice the pie

On this website all you have to do to earn money is listen to music or look at different items. 

After listening to short music samples or taking a look at some clothing items, you will be asked to write an honest review of your opinion of the music or item of clothing.

The better quality your review is, the more money you make. 

For instance, if you listen to a music sample, you should try your best to describe your honest feelings about the beat, melody, lyrics, etc. Then, the money for each review you write goes right to you.



With Ver-a-Fast, you are contracted as a telephone agent to take surveys from people for different newspaper businesses. 

Usually, you would ask people ho satisfied they are with the newspaper service they have and how likely they would be to get a subscription to renew their paper services.

This company is pretty open and flexible with a small requirement that you work at least 15 hours per week, which is basically a part time daily paid job

You are able to work anytime, including nights and weekends.


mindswarms app

You can certainly use Mindswarms to work online from home and get paid in the mix of same day pay jobs. This is an app that you can take surveys on to be paid every day.

It is so simple; all you have to do is watch videos on you phone to earn money. You would be asked about seven questions that you have to answer. You can possibly earn $50 for these seven questions.

There are also surveys that take less time and could earn you about $10. 

Once you have finished your video and survey questions and everything has been approved, your money will go straight to your account.


job that pay everyday

This is a company that is part of jobs that pay daily that allows people to make money by making deliveries. All you have to do is have a license and a car.

Once you sign up, you are given food orders to pick up from restaurants. After that, you just deliver the order to the home/address of the person who ordered it.

Bottom Line: you will make about $5-$10 per delivery. Best of all, you have the option of requesting your earnings every day.

Picky Domains

picky domains

Picky Domains is a company with another awesome website that allows you to earn money every day. 

This involves more simple work considering all you have to do to get paid is think of domain names for people that would like a catchy, attractive domain name for their website.

So, if are good with words and creatively putting them together, this is the perfect way to make about $50-100

The best part of this website is that you can receive some money just for proposing domain names even if they’re not chosen.

Once you’ve earned money, it is sent to your account and you can get your money that same day.

Clear Voice


Sometimes there are home obligations like children that make it a necessity for you to work online from home and get paid which makes having an online job like Clear Voice really worth it. 

Clear Voice is a company that offers another inclusion of online jobs that pay well.

If you love to write and know how to write well, this is the perfect way for you to earn some money online! 

With Clear Voice, writers are able the select assignments from people that need content written for them.

These people are called clients and they will pay you to write content for their blogs and websites. 

The clients will look at content written from different authors then choose the best assignment.

There are different pay ranges for writers and once your assignment is approved by the client, you will receive your funds immediately.

Field Agent

part time daily paid job

You can earn money by completing simple tasks with an app called Field Agent and become a part of the mix of jobs that pay daily.

This app can be downloaded on any Android or iOS mobile device for you to start earning money fast. You will be paid for doing jobs like taking photos of stores, promotions, or product that are near you.

Bottom Line: you can also earn on this app by writing reviews of the displays inside of stores. Each task will pay around $10, and you receive your money instantly.



There are so many options of daily payment online jobs too that are just like Fetchrewards which is another app that is available on any Android or iOS mobile devices that allows you to earn money for doing simple things outside.

With this job that pay everyday, you earn money from buying items at the grocery store. The Fetchrewards app works with any grocery store that gives a receipt with different items.

Once Fetchrewards gives you cash back for buying groceries, you will immediately see the money in your account and can withdraw as much as you want once it clears.

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